Banca Profilo assists the first Spanish company’s listing on the Milan Stock Exchange.

Text: Banca Profilo supported Riba Mundo Tecnología during its listing, the fifteenth of 2023 on the EGM market and the first Spanish company to be listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. During the IPO, a total of €5.5 million was raised. With a market price of €19.70 per share, the market capitalization amounts to approximately €40 million.

Riba Mundo Tecnología is a multinational technology company operating in the Big Data field, engaged in international B2B consumer electronics trading. Its core business focuses primarily on smartphones and tablets, with a progressive expansion of its product offerings to entertainment and computer devices. Established in 2018, with its legal, operational, and logistical headquarters in Valencia (Spain), the company has developed MarVin, proprietary big data software designed on data-driven criteria to optimize the processes of purchasing, selling, and demand forecasting, ensuring efficient management of consumer goods inventory. Present in over 45 countries, with a team of approximately 70 employees and a customer base of over 1,500 international clients. In 2022, total revenues surpassed €329 million, recording a 2019-2022 CAGR of +109%, while EBITDA reached €7.4 million, showing a 92% growth compared to 2021.

The mentioned operation was supported by the Investment Banking team in the role of Global Coordinator and the Analysis and Research team as Corporate Broker. Banca Profilo will continue to accompany Riba Mundo Tecnología in its growth journey as EGA, Corporate Broker, and Specialist.