Digital Banking

A digital experience

Banca Profilo guarantees the professionalism of its services also online. Thanks to the Banca Profilo Private App, you can consult your assets and manage your investments from the comfort of your home.

Internet Banking

Do you want to read all the information about your assets and manage your investments with maximum comfort? Activate Internet Banking!

It is simple and intuitive, thanks to customizable features and an updated and interactive interface. You can find dashboards, quick actions, team management and the possibility of customizing the Homepage with the content and order you prefer.

To log in, just press on Area Privata and enter your credentials instead, if it is the first time, it is necessary to make the first access from the App.

In this way we can guarantee a more secure access method thanks to the Mobile Token .

Do you want more information on how it works? Download the manual!

Mobile Banking

Banca Profilo Private is the Banca Profilo app thanks to which customers can manage their assets and investments quickly and easily. Wherever they are and in total safety.

With Banca Profilo Private you can:

  • consult all the information on your assets and your investments immediately and effectively
  • make bank transfers and sign contracts thanks to a secure digital signature system (Mobile Token) via SMS and biometric recognition (Finger Print or Face ID).
  • easily find all the information using the voice assistant

Download the App now! For iOS and Android.

Mobile Token

The Mobile Token is a 6-digit MPIN code which is generated in the App and which allows you to sign in digital mode, from the comfort of your home and in total safety.

How do you get it?

  • Download the App and do the log in for the first time.
  • Enter your mobile number and choose the MPIN code.
  • To confirm the code, a text message will be sent to you. Enter your password and confirm.

It takes few minutes to activate it. Download the App now! For iOS and Android.