The results for the first 3 months of 2023 are overall higher than the budget targets and the Business Plan. The services of Banca Profilo and the work performed on a daily basis led us to consolidate, at the end of the first quarter, net revenues at 23.6 million euro (+8.5% y/y) and net profit at 6.2 million euros (+20.1% y/y).

The operating result increased, amounting to 10.6 million euro (+16.6% y/y) and the Cost Income improved, which stood at 55.1%. Customer deposits consolidate at €5.8 billion (-0.7% y/y), down due to the market effect and despite positive net inflows of €45.2 million since the beginning of the year.

CET 1 ratio increases to 25.6%, confirming the capital and financial solidity of Banca Profilo, one of the highest on the market.

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