The Spring Investor Conference (Tiny Titans Talk) took place on Tuesday, April 9th, at DAZI MILANO, an event organized by BancaProfilo.

On this occasion, institutional investors and some of the most promising companies listed on the EGM had the opportunity to meet and discuss the results of 2023, their strategies, and future objectives.

30 Italian and foreign institutional investors participated, along with 12 EGM companies: Cofle Group, COMAL SpA, Gismondi, Homizy, IDNTT S.A., Intred, MEMSCAP S.A., Nusco S.p.A., Riba Mundo Tecnología SA, Saccheria Franceschetti S.p.A, SolidWorld Group, SVAS Biosana S.p.A.

It was a moment of fruitful exchange and great vision on the future of the Italian financial market.

We thank everyone for participating and look forward to meeting again in September to continue this path of growth and collaboration.