With great pride, we present to you the new segment ‘Tiny Titans Talk,’ sharing some of the successful entrepreneurial stories from EGM (Euronext Growth Milan).

Why is their offering innovative? What are the strengths and competitive advantages? What are the challenges of 2024? All this and more can be found in the video interview conducted during the Spring Investor Conference of Banca Profilo.

In order of appearance, we thank: Alessandro Peveraro of HOMIZY, Marco Dezi of Riba Mundo Tecnología SA, Jean Michel Karam of MEMSCAP, Luisa Franceschetti of Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti S.p.A., Daniele Peli of INTRED S.p.A., Roberto Rizzo of SolidWorld GROUP, Christian Traviglia of IDNTT, Alfredo Balletti of COMAL SpA, Gismondi Massimo of Gismondi 1754 spa.